Other Seafood Rolls

Other Seafood Rolls

Blue Crab Garlic Roll
garlic crab, avocado & shrimp

Double Shrimp Roll
shrimp tempura, cream cheese, kanikama, mayo, shrimp with eel sauce

Arizona Roll*
yellowtail, cream cheese, avocado, topped with masago

Crispy Roll
tempura flakes, masago, mayo & shrimp

Mexican Roll*
shrimp tempura, cucumber, special mayo, topped with masago

Double Shrimp Roll
shrimp tempura, cream cheese, kanikama, mayo & shrimp with eel sauce

Soft Shell Crab Roll
fried softshell crab, masago, avocado, cucumber & mayo

California Eel Roll
eel & avocado on top of california roll with eel sauce

Unagi Tempura Roll
unagi tempura, goma

Calamari Tempura Roll
calamari tempura, masago, cucumber, avocado, mayo & goma

Dragon Roll
shrimp tempura, cream cheese, topped with eel & avocado

Volcano Roll
mussel, kanikama, green onion, masago, special mayo, hot oil on California roll

soboro, kanpyo, tamago, kanikama, avocado, shiitake, cucumber

Soup and Salad sold separately.

All sushi rolls are available for To-Go, Lunch and Dinner. Call 770-734-0398 or 770-209-9663 for To-Go order.