Chef's Special Rolls

Chef's Special Rolls

Salmon Serrano*
avocado, cream cheese, tempura flakes, topped with salmon and garnish with serrano, hot sauce  

masago, mayo, tempura flakes, topped with spicy tuna & wasabi tobiko

Yum Yum Roll*
avocado, cream cheese, salmon, tuna and fried with panko

Orange Blossom*
cucumber, avocado, spicy tuna, topped with salmon and garnish with seaweed, masago

Son Goku*
crab stick, cucumber, spicy tuna with garnish with serrano, seaweed & sesame

Soup and Salad sold separately.

All sushi rolls are available for To-Go, Lunch and Dinner. Call 770-734-0398 or 770-209-9663 for To-Go order.