Dinner - Chef's Specials

Chef's Specials

Sukiyaki Dinner
Cooked from the kitchen. Comes with salad and rice for dine-in.
Temporarily Not Available

Katsu Curry Udon Dinner Set
Pork cutlet with Japanese style curry over udon noodle.

Katsu Curry Rice Dinner Set
Pork cutlet with Japanese style curry over steam rice.

Yum Yum Roll*
Tuna, salmon, avocado, cream cheese, light fried with panko served with Yum-Yum sauce.

Salmon Serrano*
Spicy crab, avocado, cream cheese, crunchy, topped with salmon and sliced serrano pepper, served with Yuzu sauce.

Tempura crumbs mix with masago and mayo topped with spicy tuna and wasabi tobiko. (8 pcs)

Son Goku*
Spicy tuna, crab sticks, cucumber with special mayo sauce, topped with seaweed, chili threads and Serrano pepper slices (8 pcs)

Orange Blossom*
Salmon, spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber, seaweed salad and masago.

Yellowtail Careaccio*
Yellowtail sashimi with sweet spicy ponzu.

Okonomi Yaki
Savory Japanese pancake with pork.

Bacon Shrimp Kushiyaki

Bacon Scallop Kushiyaki

Pork Yaki Udon
Pan fried udon noodle with pork and vegetable.

Pork Yaki Soba
Pan fried egg noodle with pork and vegetables.

Vegetable Croquette
Fried vegetable potato cake.